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About Sam Jones
Sam Jones has been an elementary school teacher for over 15 years, using music to supplement the curriculum. He and his wife met while they were both teaching at the sagme school in 1990. Much of their life together is devoted to kids. In addition to raising and home schooling their own four children, they have been Sunday school teachers and AWANA leaders for preschoolers.

Sam is currently teaching second grade in Riverside and serving as a music worship leader for K through 6th grade Sunday school classes.

The ÅgPuppy Dog BluesÅh song began as a humorous poke at his friendsÅf dog named Sherlock and his own golden retriever named George. After singing this song several times while camping with friends (dog howl accompaniment included) he decided to write several more songs that he thought would be of interest to children. Since then, Sam has performed these and many more songs at several school concerts and family gatherings.